What makes a strong DNP candidate when applying to a PMHNP program?

  1. Hello Nurses!
    I am going to graduate in December and hopefully start working (after I pass the NCLEX-RN) next year.
    I love Psychiatry and I'd like to get some experience. In the future I'd also like to apply to a DNP program (Psychiatric Mental Health) in order to become a NP.
    My question however (for all of you guys who already have experience or know someone who has) is what makes a ''strong'' candidate when applying to a graduate program in nursing like a DNP?
    I see in many universities that the minimum experience they ask for in Psychiatry is at least 1 year, but that sounds like too little to me. I guess that many other applicants have more experience than that, but also heard of some that go right after they graduate from their BSN degree.
    So what do you guys think?
    Also what other things would help? (besides an excellent GPA, etc)?
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   zoidberg
    for grad programs in general, they want to know these things:

    1)You know what you are getting in to. This can be accomplished by working in a department that uses PMH NP's, and getting to know a couple well and seeking out what they do on a daily basis.

    2)You will succeed in their program. Do this by doing VERY well in school. You can take a class or two that is graduate level before applying to make you a stronger applicant.

    3)Some will argue that RN experience is quite different from NP practice, so just demonstrate that you are capable, and you will be fine.
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