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Hello all, I am currently a Junior undergrad (Psych. major) and have only recently decided to go to nursing school after graduation. I am looking at two types of programs- accelerated BSN and Direct-Entry MSN. I am currently... Read More

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    It was possible in the past to write the ACNP exam when you did the FNP tract. No longer....to sit for ACNP cert, one must have taken the ACNP educational tract. Similarly, an ACNP could not sit for the FNP cert without the FNP education.

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    In my hospital we have a NP in the ER. I work OB so I never see her but I've heard she sees pts just like the md. A nurse I work with said her mom saw her for a laceration and the NP sutured her.
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    You can find all the requirements for certification (FNP and/or ACNP) through the ANCC (American Nurse Credentialling Center) they do have a web site and you may be able to see what is required to write any exam!

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