What can an Nurse Practitioner do in Womens Health???

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    I am inquiring about the job possibilities of the NP in Womens Health - is it all just about doing pap smears??? I am really interested in preventative health - proper nutrition, exercise and supplementation. In addition to that I love holistic and alternative health care practices and would like to bring those interests to my practice as an NP.... could I do this as a womens health NP??? Or would it be in my best interest to obtain my degree as a family nurse practitioner (FNP)?

    Thanks for all responses
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    Oh no it's way more than just pap smears (from what I have seen)....

    #1 Depends on the state you are in.
    #2 Depends on the provider you are working with.

    Depends what you want to do though. Family certification covers the broadest range but concentrates on nothing specific. If you have the time and patience as well as finances... I recommend family first that a women’s health post masters...

    I did clinicals with and OB/GYN group: Two doctors, two mid-wives, one women’s health NP.. There theory was see one do one teach one... Never had a chance to work with the MDs I too was kept too busy by the mid-wives / NP.
    Anyway: The NP had here own group of patients the cases were shared since she wasn't going to do the delivering. She could to procedures like punch biopsies, cryotherapy, etc.

    The only thing I didn't see during my clinicals was: Males (except as spouse during sonogram).

    Females: Youngest was 10 and the oldest was around 80...
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    My past clinical rotation was with a FNP who worked with an OB doc. She pretty much did everything including: pre-natal and post-natal visits, well-woman visits, problem visits, breast exams, IUD placements, Implanon placements, Paps, colposcopies, etc. She also was wonderful with providing patient education and teaching regarding alternative and holistic therapies for peri-menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. I absolutely LOVED my rotation with her - and learned a ton following her.