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I thought this might be a good thing to have every week and maybe more often. NPs as well as others can alway benefit from this I believe. You are welcome to try your hand at figuring out what is "wrong" with your "patient".... Read More

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    Quote from siri
    Thank you for the feedback!!

    If you are referring to the 2 answers given with the ECG strip, this was what I wanted the viewer to consider only. I did not want any other interpretations. That is why only 2 answers were possible in THIS situation.

    Now, future presentations could be left up to the viewer to come to their own conclusions with no answer/s provided ahead of time.

    All clinical presentations will have feedback for rationale. I will attempt to address each and every one.

    The presentation will be given.......time allowed for all to view and give answers/rationales.........then the correct answer/rationale will be provided later.

    Again, thanks for the suggestion. Hope you enjoy this forum!!
    Hello, Siri

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do very much enjoy this forum very much. I love to be challenge and to learn new/old knowledge. I feel that no one can get enough of learning about the medical field. I sometimes feel that I as a nurse do not get a lot of feedback from the drs and other health care providers about issues that are rising and why they are happening. I want to learn and that is why I am applying to nurse practioner school. Your presentations are helping me to gain more knowledge in the areas I would not be familar too and areas I am familar too. Thank you for your time and effort for providing us with the presentations. Therefore, the presentations will be located on the ecg thread or this one?

    Thank you again for listening to my suggestions as well as providing the presentations.


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    I will post the presentations on a brand new forum thread that will run as a sticky. The ECG presentation was just a practice and the poll was to get info regarding interest.

    So, look for a NEW CLINICAL PESENTATION at least weekly.

    Looks like it is a tie for weekly/more often. I will probably do more than one a week. I guess you never run out of clinical situations from which we can all garner valuable experience/information.

    Thanks for everyones interest. I hope you will like this type of thread.
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    This is a great idea. I'm a little rusty on ECG's, so this will be a much-welcome weekly review. Thanks!
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    Quote from VickyRN
    This is a great idea. I'm a little rusty on ECG's, so this will be a much-welcome weekly review. Thanks!

    Great. If you have a suggestion for a clinical presentation, please do not hesitate to contribute.

    Anyone can contribute their suggestions!!!!!!!!!! The more .... the merrier!!
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    Everyone look for the CLINICAL PRESENTATION very soon.

    New sticky thread.

    Thank you for the feedback.

    (All may still vote if you would like. I will check this for a couple days.)

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