Time to chart in urgent care?

  1. I've been working in urgent care/occupational medicine clinic for 8 months now, my first job out of school. I find that I run all day and get little to no charting done at work. Just have to see patient after patient and save all my documentation for after clinic closes. I'm usually there with one physician and a PA. We see roughly 50-60 per day. Was hoping I could be more efficient by now and have less to take home at night. I'm always behind and feeling a little hopeless. Anybody else have this same problem? Thanks.
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  3. by   nitasarn
    Does your clinic use electronic health records? When seeing 50-60 pt that can be hard. Either way, could you have a simple way of charting things that can be universally use for the common complaints you see? I know at the urgent care I work at I have templates that I familiarized myself with and am able to zip thru things like cc, hpi and then I may add some things. Are you able to complete most of your charting at the bedside before moving onto the next pt. I know it's rough the most pt I've seen is 28 and I was charting forever into the night.
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  4. by   nursetim
    Your post makes it sound like its 50-60 patients between 3 providers, is that right? Or are you seeing 50-60 patients aday? I chart as I go or I would get confused. I simply couldn't do otherwise.