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    Hello all. I am a 1st semester NP student in dire need of suggestion on theoretical frameworks for breastfeeding choices based on culture. So far every frameworks seem to broad or off base. Does anyone know of a website that lists different nursing frameworks? Or can suggest a framework that may work with my research ? Orem's self care theory for some reason doesn't seem to fit to me. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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    I wish you nothing but the best. I think theory stuff is all done tongue-in-cheek, but it sure makes the PhD's feel necessary. I've had coworker MDs ask me if they could get a copy of an article I referenced, but I've never been asked about (becasue nobody in medicine has ever heard of) nursing theories.
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    Theoretical framework, AFAIK, is pretty much a short summary of what's already known about the problem. So you just have to find something about attitude toward breastfeeding in culture(s) of your interest. There is even such a thing:

    with this article, for example:

    International Breastfeeding Journal | Full text | Cultural beliefs that may discourage breastfeeding among Lebanese women: a qualitative analysis
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    And everything which is about "culture/cultural differences" toward absolutely anything can be built into Leininger transcultural nursing (short summary is here):
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    I second Leininger.
    try USD: School of Nursing: Research

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