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Seasoned NPs: How do you switch specialities?

  1. 0 So, graduated last Dec and got a job as a new grad *phew* in a Long Term Care/Rehab facility. Feeling like Im ready to move on. Unfortunately, most of the job postings I have come across are looking for very specific experience in the respective fields. I fear Ive pidgeonholed myself into career SNF work. Any advice/tips on to how to break free?
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    If you've only work in this field for a year, I think you haven't pigeonholed yourself. The truth is, it's probably going to be harder for someone like myself who has been working in Critical Care since 2004 to switch to a field such as Long-Term Care (not that I would want to do that). I actually started out working in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation straight out of NP school and stayed in it for a bit over a year. It did become boring for me and I pursued more Acute Care oriented fields by just applying everywhere I see a job posting and there were interviews that didn't pan out. What helps is if you can make connections. I don't think it's the fact that you work in SNF that's turning off potential employers, I think it's not knowing who you are among a pile of resumes. To be honest, I was able to break out into Critical Care in 2004 because I knew an NP in the group I was applying to (a batch mate from my ACNP program). In a competitive environment, it helps to have someone put in a good word about what you are like as a potential NP. I wouldn't need that now and I got my current position because I am experienced in this field as an NP.
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    My nursing experience was ER and ICU. Ive been in nephrology for almost 7 years now but have been offered several ER positions just because of my renal experience.
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    Do you both have Acute Care NP certification?
    Have any leads on Bay Area jobs (namely SF?)
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    I'm an ACNP, yes, and I do work in San Francisco. Leads? not at the moment but I haven't been keeping an ear out. I'm happy where I am.
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    I'm actually an adult and peds CNS and my education allows me to do both acute and chronic care.