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So as I've been winding my way through the decision-making process of NP/PA/MD/DO I found myself at a very active forum community of medical students/professionals/etc. across all parts of the... Read More

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    Quote from kalimum3
    ] I don't understand why people would want to go to a nurse practitioner when they can see a doctor who has more education and more credibility. !
    My wife prefers her current Women's Health NP over the GYN the NP works with. My mother who had many chronic medical conditions liked her physician but preferred the NP's that worked with him as they had more time for her. My dad, who had a Aortic valve replacement 20 years ago and a cardiac arrest 10 years ago, regularly sees a PA at the VA hospital. Recently, I saw my regular primary care doctor for a heck of a rash on my back. His treatment didn't work, and since I was traveling, I saw an NP at an urgent care center. She prescribed something else and yipee, it's working.

    What was your question again?

    True, we don't delve as deeply into chemistry and other sciences as physicians in their reductionist system. I don't understand the deepest actions of the medicines I prescribe because half the time no one else does either, but then I use the same textbooks and reference books they use. What I do however, is focus on my patients and what is going on with them, what the meds are doing with them, and not what I think the meds should be doing. I listen, and I don't force my will or my "expertise" on them. I listen to what they are not saying. I see on another forum that physicians don't even recognize the word "patient satisfaction" because you can't measure it in a research study. To me it's just about the most important aspect in my relationship with a patient.

    Others can say more than I can.
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    Quote from NurseW74
    My preceptors have been mostly MDs. They've all been supportive of my role as a FNP student. I really like working in the military hospitals.
    Good point, and only to make this point, here's one sentence from an eval from my physician preceptor: "I would not hesitate to hire Mr. zenman to work with me or to refer a family member to him." We even talked about going into practice together.