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hello, i have one year left before i graduate with my rn, bsn and would like to continue my education to attain my fnp license. i've recently learned that most places do not hire new-grads... Read More

  1. by   MystyqueOne
    Quote from Spacklehead
    Hi Mystique,

    You're very welcome! If you truly have your heart set on women's health but want to become a FNP - then I suggest arranging some of your elective clinicals to be in a women's health setting if your school allows. My school had us pick a specialty over our last summer semester to arrange for clinical, which was nice because we were allowed to focus on what we didn't feel comfortable with or an area in which we felt we would like to practice after school. Since women's health/OB is part of a typical FNP curriculum - you will get some exposure to it (as well as in the family practice settings); however, having that extra semester or two in another OB/GYN rotation should help to make you feel more comfortable and would be a great way to promote yourself on your resume once you graduate.

    As far as working as a RN after NP school - you are able to do so. It does become sticky, though, if you are pulled into a lawsuit because they will take your educational background into consideration and possibly hold you to that standard of care (NP), even if you are practicing in the RN role.
    Great advice! Thank you! I will definitely be asking my FNP program about selecting my own areas. Now, of course, I'd still like to have some experience in a bit of others, (just in case), but mainly, I want to stay in Women's Health. I've never thought about that and I really appreciate your advice!

    Makes sense with the working as an RN with an FNP license, how they would take my education into considerationg. It's still good to know that it is possible to do, though.

    Thanks again! Are you a FNP currently?
  2. by   MystyqueOne
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    I am not an RN now, but I am considering getting my BSN and becoming an NP. I have talked to many people who love it. Go for it for sure.
    Thank you! I 110% know I want to be an FNP, but just trying to figure out if I can work F/T as an RN while attending the FNP program (on top of two young children...) I am an extremely motivated and determined person and haven't yet had anything ever fail me (in those that I set my heart on). I also can easily manage a lot of things in my life (currently a CNA, full time Accelerated BSN student, and with two young children.... which I breastfed my youngest during my first year of Nursing School.... No supplemental feedings whatsoever). So, I'm definitely no stranger to "Super Woman". Just seeing if I should go right into FNP program or wait a little bit......

    BUT.... Does most programs require an RN license just to apply to the FNP program? If so, then I'll definitely be waiting, because they expect you to apply about one year prior to the start of the program. That would mean that I would have to wait until I graduate to apply.

  3. by   Spacklehead
    Hi again, Mystyque,

    Yes, I am currently employed as a FNP (graduated 8/09).

    Hey - HUGE kudos to the breastfeeding! I did the same with my youngest while I was in NP school - it definitely is not an easy feat!

    Best of luck with everything!