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  1. What are your opinions regarding NPs working in the retail environment? Do you think that this would be a good "lifestyle" job, as it has no call, good benefits, and favorable scheduling? This sounds like a good gig, especially for someone that doesn't want the call time, office setting and chronic disease management as seen with traditional family care.
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  3. by   bayouchick02
    I absolutely love working in retail for those reasons you mentioned above. I love the no call aspect as well as managing acute conditions. I don't care for chronics, but there are many people who beg to differ. Retail may be too slow for some, so it really depends what u wanna do
  4. by   jamonit
    I start this month as a new grad in retail. I can't think of anything I would rather do. I don't want stress and interoffice drama, although I can handle those things. I think people feel that this setting is inferior, but maybe because it is a good lifestyle and we are less of the nursing-based martyrs (I'm mostly kidding about that last part). But I have worked so hard and I want to learn in a less stressful environment.
  5. by   BostonRN13
    To me it seems like a really nice way to get your feet wet and get comfortable in the NP role as a new grad. Granted, you are being told how to treat the patient per the 'Minute Clinic' treatment guide way but YOU still have to examine the patient and come up with the correct diagnosis. The pay is competitive, the hours are normal, and working down the street from my house not having to fight city traffic is also very attractive.
    The downside it seems, and from a friend who works in retail as a new grad tells me, is that you can call a resource but you are the only one seeing the patient, so you must feel confident in your assesment. Also, you are alone professionally for the day so have to by okay with being independant and entertaining yourself on slow days