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Hi all---I sent my application to test (Adult NP) to the AANP back in early November and STILL have not been approved. I called, and they said that my application was complete but that for 'some reason' it hadn't been approved... Read More

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    Quote from REDJET
    Goodluck getting response from AANP. It is 2 years since I applied, sent several e-mails, made atleast 100 phone calls with abosolutely no success. Finally reported to BBB, can you believe AANP didn't even respond to BBB requests. I think the problem is with the head of the department Jane Towers, she spoke to me around 18 months ago, I submitted everything they asked for. The only thing I am asking for at present is to deny me and return my fee, they are still not responding. Any suggestions please. I am planning to talk to a lawyer this week.
    Two YEARS? Why didn't you just take the ANCC?

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    you guys are freaking me out!! As it is, I don't understand why there are two certifying agencies...that seems really confusing and ununified (if that's even a word). Now I'm hearing that it could take months to get certified?! Why Is this? Why isn't the ANA getting involved? There really needs to be some unification...this simply seems like some kind of a joke that this entire certifying process is so unorganized!
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    Quote from ANPFNPGNP
    Where do you live?
    I live in upstate New York. One of the 3 NP schools in the city limits just closed. We also have a PA school and Medical school. In my department of 12 RNs, 3 are NPs that are still working as RNs due to the lack of jobs in general, especially ones with decent pay.

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