Psychiatric NP Vs. Family NP

  1. I am a RN currently pursuing my BSN and I'm trying to decide what the next step in my career is. I have four years working with substance abuse/detox, two years working with children psych and two years working in a Level 2 Trauma/NeuroICU. I currently work in the ICU full times and do the children psych and detoxper diem.

    I enjoy all three. My question is should I get my Master's in Psych or Medical NP.

    1. What is the pay rate in South Florida starting for both?

    2. What is the job outlook? I hear there are lots of FNP jobs advertised butyou have to know someone to get hired.

    3. Is there a market for psych NP's? What does a psych NP do? Where do they work?

    4. I know UF has a psych NP course. Does any other universities in S. Fl. offer this course.

    I would appreciate any other suggestions for other career paths.

    Thanks for responding
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  3. by   Cauliflower
    I actually have been wondering the same thing and hope someone answers. I chose to apply to FNP programs b/c I thought the job prospect might be better for those than Psych NPs
  4. by   RNUS
    I cannot answer your questions but I will say do what you really really enjoy so that you won't be too disappointed. You can always go back to get either the medical or psych certificate if one does not work out for you. Best wishes.