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Preparation for AANP exam - page 2

So my exam is in a few days, and as I prepare, I am freaking out big time! it's to the point where I can only sleep in short spurts, and I have to force myself to eat because my nerves are so bad! I... Read More

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    Thanks posters. Yes, I graduated in 2006, but only worked a few months as a NP. Currently, I'm working as a RN, but wondering about taking the exam, so I will be "official." Do you have to be working as a NP to take it?
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    No, you just have to have graduated from an accreditated school to take the boards and completed the pre-requisite number of clinical hours. What happened that you finished so long ago but didn't take the boards? Doesn't it bother you to be working as a RN when you went to NP school?
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    Oh, I found lots of "stuff" to occupy me since I graduated, like cancer, surgery, congenital kidney issue, more surgery, ha-ha. I have practiced some, but have absolutely no interest in family practice. I have always wanted to sit for the exam, but the cost, plus years out of school have scared me off a little. When you say the prerequisite number of clinical hours, do you mean the clinical hours while in the program, or a specified number of hours of practice after graduation? I only have a review book that I got after school, from ANCC. Thank you for your post for sure! Oh, also, not a whole lot of opportunities in my area, unless you want to do family practice. So, here I am...just out there.
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    I think ANCC requires that your pharmacology credits were completed within the last 5 years. Not sure about AANP
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    Check the ANCC website or the NP one.. See what the requirements for testing are. it is probably worth studying and sitting for the test.
    Re: required supervised clinical hours--I think mine were after graduation, or maybe not-- they can tell you that too..there is probably an application to test that tells you everything. Good luck!!
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    Thanks everyone. Smiles to all!