1. I am applying to three programs for fall entry (Indiana State, Southern Indiana, and Ball State). Before I am even accepted, is it wise to start contacting people to ask if they would be interested in being my preceptor, or do you think they would prefer for me to actually be accepted first? I live in a rural area without any programs near by that offer NP programs and a college downstate is nice enough to provide a list of about 100 people that students have used as preceptors in the past for the state I am in. Is it unprofessional to contact them without being accepted and should I await until I am accepted and decide to accept? When you started your program, does the college offer ideas and examples of how you should go about approaching someone to be your preceptor? What was your approach when trying to secure a preceptor? Is it a phone call, a brief letter of interest followed by a meeting, a resume sent to them with a cover letter, or any other approaches? I am already in the hole bis since I got my BSN after I had a bachelors degree in something else, so I received no Pell Grants and went to a 3 year school that cost 22G per, so I want to secure my preceptors before or soon after enrollment. I am thinking maybe contact people from the list, find out if they would be interested via a phone call or letter, and then send resume and cover letter plus a narrative? Would that be the way to go? Thanks in advanced,
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    I would wait until you are accepted and then contact potential preceptors. That way if you don't get in or something comes up you aren't wasting their time. Besides the schools telling you who former students have utilized as preceptors, you could also contact your state NP organization, as many of them keep a list of preceptors.