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  1. 0 I am a new NP getting ready to start my first job in the ER and I want to purchase a new electronic device that will allow me to download reference software from Skyscape such as: Epocrates and Rosen and Barkin 5-Minute Emergency Medical Consult. I understand that while most are available for all platforms (ex: Blackberry, Android, iPhone, PDA) some work better on certain platforms than others. I am interested in feedback from those of you who have used these as well as other applications with your own personal electronic device in order to help me decide which device to purchase. Ideally I would prefer not to have to carry a cell phone and a separate PDA for references so that would eliminate the PDA. Thank you for your feedback!
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    I currently use a PDA for epocrates and black book, the graphics are better, the font is lager, and navigation seemed simpler to me. I also have an iPhone the screen is the same size but the font is smaller. I can read what is on the screen with my PDA with out enlargeing the type which seems to obscure the information.
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    I have to carry a pager and a phone so have an iPhone and love it - have worked in the ER with it and works like a charm.
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    I <3 my iPhone! I highly highly recommend it.

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