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Opportunities for an ACNP with RNFA certification? - page 2

I have been examining the various specialties in advanced practice nursing and recently discovered that there are a number of NP programs that prepare individuals to work as ACNP's with RNFA... Read More

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    Quote from SMReichert
    HI Henry,
    If you are already a nurse, I wouldn't waste your time becoming a PA. Better to be an NP.

    I am an ACNP with RNFA certification. I got both at the same time. I had many years in the OR and you need at least 600 hours of clinical for the RNFA.

    I work in Orthopedic SUrgery. Presently I only work managing the patients from the moment they enter the hospital until they are discharged. I can assist in the OR, but there is too much work to do on the floor.

    Orthopedic NPs are usually in the higher end of the payscale. Depends where you work and your experience, but you should expect starting in the high 90s without experience and closer to 150,000 with experience. Depends on volume also.

    GOod luck!
    Thanks. Since you don't do surgical assisting, could you explain how your work managing orthopedic surgery patients as an NP is different from managing them as an RN? Are you essentially used interchangeably with PA's who have analogous roles?

    Also, do those salary figures you quoted include any sort of bonus/OT payment, or are they just base salaries?