NP with two jobs?? Billing??

  1. Anyone have two ierent jobs in two dierent practices?
    I work four days per week in one practice an got a call rom another one who wants someone one day. I dont want to screw up my 4 day in anyway and was wondering if meicare medicaid billing would be screwed up by this at all? Thanks!
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  3. by   TX RN
    I work for two different practices.

    Billing is submitted with your NPI and the business tax ID.

    Two different practice sites equal two different tax ID's.

    You're good.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    The biggie is with the DEA number as its tied to your practice. I worked for two practices and had two DEA numbers each linked to that practice.
  5. by   TX RN
    Depends on the state, but thats a great point Trauma.In Texas, 90% of all my scripts go out under my supv MD's name. So each script you write has that specific practice supv MD's name.Helps resolve that issue, at least from my experience in Texas.
  6. by   rich2008
  7. by   rich2008
    I will have to figure out the DEA number thing. I don't want my new job to have any effect on my old job. Thanks!