Non-Clinical bedside NP positions

  1. I am currently in FNP school and I am almost 100% positive I do not want to be part of direct patient care(And yes I know this is almost a sin against nursing, but I am just not feeling it.) What I want to know if there are any non-clinical NP jobs out there that anyone can recommend.
    These are my skills/talents
    Computers-I know my software and hardware very well. (Ran a computer repair business.)
    Automotive Mechanics
    People Skills
    These are my main skills that talent that come to my head. Please let me know what everyone thinks and/or your experiences
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  3. by   missnurse01
    what was your plan in getting your fnp?
  4. by   ArtisticNurse
    You should have gone with Nursing Informatics.
  5. by   SycamoreGuy
    Do they hire NPs for telenursing?
  6. by   RNGO4IT
    There is something on the horizon called transitional care NP, it combines care management and the continuum of care for a patient from admission to I said it's a new role and not fully developed...but direct pt care wouldn't be involved...more likely assessment, coordination and referrals. Some management roles are available, but would require a DNP to give you an edge.
  7. by   Annaiya
    Can you switch your degree from FNP to informatics? Is sounds like that is where you need to be and there is a huge need for nurses that are good at informatics. If you aren't familiar with it, this is from Vanderbilt's website (

    What is Nursing Informatics?
    Imagine finding new connections, new solutions that change nursing forever. Solutions that improve patient outcomes, lower costs, create new tools for teaching or patient care over the Internet.

    Nursing informatics integrates nursing science, information science and computer science to do that, and so much more. A Master's prepared nurse who engages in nursing informatics is an informatics nurse specialist. As an informatics nurse specialist, you will identify, collect, process and manage data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research and the expansion of nursing knowledge.
  8. by   anarchy187
    One of the main reasons I went FNP was from family influences. I also wanted a masters degree to set me apart from other applicants to positions I applied to. I feel like technology in nursing is where I belong. I have a great GPA and did very well in bedside nursing and thought that FNP was the route to go for future expansion in my life. I really like the idea of nursing informatics, but I do not want to crunch numbers(data) all day. I really like the idea of medical equipment sales or education. Thank you everyone for the replys and keep them coming.
  9. by   canchaser
    Nursing Informatics isn't crunching numbers all day. That's just one component. I worked in nursing informatics. As a "clinical documentation specialist" I was a behind the scenes person. I was reviewing charts, people thought it was boring but I had to know Medicare reimbursement rules , reimbursement wording / coding. Making sure I wasn't leading a Dr on to get some certain words documented in a chart. It was so challenging but I also contributed to the team. Since I wasn't at the bedside but still part, I would catch things falling through the cracks. Like one day I caught a pt going for days without wound care.. No orders so it was getting missed. Right now it's hard working bedside so I understand things get missed.
  10. by   juan de la cruz
    Another aspect of informatics is EMR development. With the push for health care to adopt electronic records, companies are coming up with all sorts if software products and providers who have experience in the front lines are ideal candidates for software development teams. Our institution uses Epic and this company based in Wisconsin. They have voiced an ongoing need for health care providers to join their software development team.
  11. by   anarchy187
    Well I have decided. I am getting out of FNP school and looking for a nursing informatic position.
    Thank you everyone for your help.
  12. by   nursegreen
    We too use the EMR Epic that was implemented a little over a year ago. A few employees took positions with them but had to relocate to Madison Wisconsin. I do know that they have positions for NP and PA clinical informatics. Something to look into.
  13. by   NPAlby

    Yes! Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. I like reviewing data and putting the pieces together and still want to be part of a team. Were you doing this work as an NP?
  14. by   canchaser
    No I was doing it with a BSN. But there was talk of having to get MSN for it.. Check to see if your hospital has informatics or documentation office. My hospital had documentation under the case management department. Also, there is talk of case managers needing NP. I just did a quick search, there are a few at