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I am currently in FNP school and I am almost 100% positive I do not want to be part of direct patient care(And yes I know this is almost a sin against nursing, but I am just not feeling it.) What I want to know if there are any... Read More

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    We too use the EMR Epic that was implemented a little over a year ago. A few employees took positions with them but had to relocate to Madison Wisconsin. I do know that they have positions for NP and PA clinical informatics. Something to look into.

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    Yes! Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. I like reviewing data and putting the pieces together and still want to be part of a team. Were you doing this work as an NP?
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    No I was doing it with a BSN. But there was talk of having to get MSN for it.. Check to see if your hospital has informatics or documentation office. My hospital had documentation under the case management department. Also, there is talk of case managers needing NP. I just did a quick search, there are a few at

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