Negotiating NP program in Florida

  1. I know that there are bunch of threads on this topic and I kind of did my search on this site, but... I would appreciate any feedback on my situation from anybody.

    I live in Tampa Bay, FL ( this is regarding the market, job availability)
    I am currentlly enrolled in Adult Geriatric Primary Care program (about to start clinicals).
    I have 3 years of surgical oncology experience
    Currently work with OB population.
    I do not consider relocation for NP job at this time. I have a family and kids.

    I am still negotiating which nursing program to choose. Since both ANP and FNP programs are almost the same and split at the end, I am returning to the idea about switching my program.
    I have an option here: stay in adult geri primary care, go to acute care or family.

    What I want as a NP?
    I do not have a strong desire to go to a certain area.
    I want "normal" hours, like 8-5, 4-5 days a week.
    I don't want night, or weekend hours.
    I want a good pay
    I am not a critical care person.
    I prefer not to work with children (that is why I chose adult NP program).
    I want to be able to find a job in my area.
    I do not mind some kind of routine"procedure" job, like doing colonoscopies or lumbar puncture.
    Something like an urgency clinic is fine
    Working for insurance or other non pt related job is fine too.
    I love to work with female: female surgery, antepartum, postpartum, infertility, etc. This is my passion and this is what most of my experience is from. If not NP I would go to labor and delivery RN for sure. There is no CNM or WHNP in my area and I can't relocate for school because of my family...So I chose ANP program.

    It seems to me that acure care program is my least choice since I do not want to work inpatient ( do not mid inpatient settings but with my wishes of no critical care, on calls, weekends it seems like it is not an option). Am I right?

    Then AGPCNP vs FNP. That is my dilemma right now. It seems to me that if I want to work with reproductive health and females AGPCNP is not the best option, FNP is better?
    I do not want to do peds in depth other that primary care in an urgency clinic. I will try to look for a job related to female health, but if not I would take other area.

    Do you think I should switch to FNP?

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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    Reading your post is so familiar. I had entered into a FNP program, but have now decided to go for the AGNP. As you, I don't really want to work with younger children and live in a community where the majority of patients seen in the clinical setting are 50 to 70 years of age. Women's health NP can be an very good option for you, especially with the limited availability in your area. Some schools do offer a program geared to this, while others will utilize either a CNM or FNP with specialization in women's health. Good luck!