Need a sample quality assuance plan

  1. Hello,
    Our state requires a quality assurance plan to be filled with our application for prescriptive authority. Does anyone have a sample plan they could share with me please?
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  3. by   lifelong
    Hi confused, I am not sure if this will help...but this is a section in SCA regarding QA:


    There will be random chart review by the collaborating physician or a designated member of a quality assurance committee conducted at least annually. The collaborating physician and the CNP will confer after this chart review. The conference shall include, but is not limited to, a discussion of the results of the chart review, identification of client care issues, patient outcomes, and where applicable, whether past plans for improving care delivery have been effectively implemented. Documentation of these conferences will be maintained by the CNP and readily available for a review.

    The CNP will participate in the quality assurance process via unit-based quality assurance or the multidisciplinary teams. The results of these processes will be utilized to maintain or improve care delivery.

    Annually, the Medical Staff office will verify licensure and, if applicable, certification status of each collaborating physician. When that process is completed, the CNP will document such verification at the request of the Ohio Board of Nursing.