More info about post-NP certifications?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm interested in pursuing an NP degree. Having a very hard time making the NP/PA/MD/DO decision because of all the surrounding circumstances.

    Anyway - one thing that interested me with the NP degree was the availability of lateral movement within the field. I heard that there were certifications one could get which would allow them to gain extra knowledge with specific conditions. Is that correct?

    I had heard, for example, that there were certifications on alternative medicine that would give NPs greater knowledge of nutrition and alternative medical options.

    Can anyone point me to more information about all of this?
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  3. by   zenman
    The University of Arizona has an alternative medicine program that NP's can apply for. NP's in one area, FNP, for example, can also go back to school and get post-master's certification in another.

    If you want alternative, you can copy my route: Zen shiatsu therapist, shamanic practitioner, and PMHNP.
  4. by   Annaiya
    There are lots of other certifications you can get, aromatherapy is one I'm familiar with. However, when I hear post-NP certificate, I've always thought that refers to getting a second NP certification. For example, you finish NP school with an FNP degree and take the FNP exam. You later decide you want to get your ACNP certification, so you go back to school for a post-NP certificate. Basically, you take all of the clinical courses for that speciality and then you are eligible to sit for the certification exam. It then allows you to work in two different NP specialty areas.