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Medical school Panama

  1. 0 Hello all,

    What is the name of the medical school in Panama where you can take online prerequisites? This is an American school geared towards RN's, NP's and PA's. It has a website, but I forgot its name.

    Thank you
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    I'm not certain which school you're referring to, but located a listing with websites of all medical schools in Panama. Is it one of these?
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    Wait... are you talking about Delphi School of Medicine? Their website appears to be down. Discussion about this school can be found here. Odd stuff.
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    No, I work in ED as NP and there is this RN who is doing this program. He is taking the prerequisites online and he is supposed to just do the clinical rotations in the US. I will ask him the name of the school next time I see him and will let you know.
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    Thanks. I'm kinda curious to read about it. Not that I'm ever going near school again after graduating. Heh.
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    Never mind, it is ( or was?) Delphi. If this was a degree mill and went under, I feel sorry fo this guy because he was really dedicated.
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    Im telling you right now that guy will never become a licensed doctor in the USA. State medical boards keep lists of diploma mill foreign medical schools and anybody who cites that degree wont even be considered for a medical license.

    There are 3 carribbean schools that are good for producing doctors to come to the states, but none of them are online programs. Your friend needs to drop the Panama program and go study at one of these schools.