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  1. Hello all,

    Today I had my second phone interview with a recruiter for a NH here is Broward county. She said that she was impressed with my résumé and she really didn't want to get into all the interview jargon because I sounded impressive over the phone. Well on Monday I meet with her in person at the NH to bring in my credentials and such and such. It's a PT job, 50% of Malpractice ins will be reimbursed, 1099 independent contractor, salaried, about 75-80 bucks per hour not per patient, they will help me get a Medicare/Medicaid number and tax id number. I already have a NPI number as well. So is it safe to say that I may be hired? Is this good or bad business? I spoke with a seasoned ARNP and he said that it was perfect for a new grad. What do you all think?
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  3. by   TX RN
    I have some experience with this practice setting.

    I follow patients in an acute care hospital, follow them to LTAC hospitals, inpatient rehab and/or skilled nursing facilities(SNF). Essentially through the continuum of inpatient settings.

    SNF's are a great place to get your feet wet. It's what I often describe as an acute care clinic. LOL
    You treat all kinds of ailments. From the day 2+ post-op joint replacements to those recovering from a bout of pneumonia. You catch all the other things that come along as risk factors with these conditions.
    - nausea
    - fatigue
    - DVT's
    - falls
    - surgical site infections
    - COPD exac
    - CHF exac

    And sometimes you find things that were totally missed in the acute hospital setting. Very interesting stuff.

    While the clinical practice part is enjoyable, the part I had some difficulty with on adjusting was the billing.
    Things like, how often can I see this patient?
    When is it appropriate to see patients on a daily basis, when is it not?
    And what level visit is this?

    There are 3 things I would tell you to ask for before starting.
    1. You're malpractice insurance should provide tail coverage.
    Other wise you will end up paying to leave the place when you decide to change jobs.

    2. A billing and collections review on a monthly or quarterly basis.
    You want to know what kind of revenue you're generating for the company.

    3. Non-compete clause. Find out what it is. If you're part-time, I would say this has to be non-existent or extremely flexible. If you wish to supplement your income with a second job, a restricting non-compete will make it impossible for you to work anywhere else.

    A possible 4th thing to ask for is a bonus structure. Maybe ask for it to start after a 90 day eval period.

    I can give you more personal experience input on a PM if you like. Just let me know.
    And congratulations!! Sounds like things are moving forward.
  4. by   reddgirl
    Thanks TX RN!!! Yes you can PM me with some extra tid bits! Any and all info will be useful! Again thank you very much!