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    Iím graduate international student at California State University Long Beach. This is my first semester at School of Nursing.
    I have an assignment for one of my classes to interview a Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist and I really have difficulty because I donít know any.
    Anyone is willing to help me
    They are only four questions
    If anyone is willing to help me please let me know ASAP

    Thank you so much

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    I can by email. I'm a Psych NP.
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    yes, it is by email
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    If you are willing to help me, Just contact me on my email:
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    If you can answer the following questions I will be grateful .
    Tell me about your nursing educational background
    Describe the APN’s role, practice setting, specialty area, and length of experience.
    Describe least 2 Positive and 2 negative aspects which the APN perceives regarding her/his role.
    Identify at least 2 professional barriers that this APN encounters in her/his practice
    Explore with APN the different APN competencies (Focus on the TWO competencies which are mostly emphasized in his/her current role as an APN.)

    You can send the answers to my email:
    Thank you again

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