I need advice from NP specializing in Urology

  1. Hello,

    I'm currently pursuing my ASN. My practicum ends next month, so I will be taking the NCLEX-RN in November 2012 (4 weeks is the waiting time these days in Central Florida). My three year goal is to complete the RN-BSN degree.

    The rest gets a little blurry for me, therefore I'm looking for advice. I want to pursue a surgical first assistant certification/training, and then pursue a DNP degree. The reason being is that I would like to specialize in Urology... and I like both the clinical and surgical components of Urology.

    Would I be done things in the correct order (in your opinion)? What are your suggestions? Once I get my RN, should I look for a job in an Urology clinic or a surgery center type place?

    I have about 100 hours of volunteer and clinical (nursing program) work at both the local hospital's OR and their Surgery Center. Both Directors have noticed my good performance and disposition and both have expressed in the past the possibility of hiring me w/o the 1 year of med/surg experience. I don't know any Urologists, so I'm really starting from scratch.

    Thanks for your input...
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