How will the Affordable Care Act impact FNPs?

  1. 0 I'll be graduating from my FNP program in 2014, right in time for legislative changes to healthcare.

    For those already practicing, how do you think the law will impact your practice, including your scope, resources, role expectations, and compensation?
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    I anticipate more patients in the system. Resources will only get more scarce. I already have fully independent practice. For unrelated reasons I am about to get a very strong salary increase. I don't anticipate any other changes.
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    Here is a link to a great article on what the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) means to nurses, especially APN's
    Healthcare Reform Bill: What Nurses Need to Know | National Nursing News
    Healthcare Reform Bill: What Nurses Need to Know

    Nursing organizations that had been working with the Obama administration as the legislation was being shaped were quick to applaud the overhaul.

    “This was the final step needed in the long fight for meaningful healthcare reform,” ANA President Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR, said in a statement. “This legislation greatly increases access to care for tens of millions of people and will strengthen and improve the healthcare system for generations to come.”
    Healthcare Reform Bill: What Nurses Need to Know | National Nursing News

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