How to pass the new (as of 2010) ANCC FNP certification exam?

  1. I am studying to take the ANCC FNP certification exam in August or September 2011. Having reviewed the exam content outline on the ANCC web site, I am surprised to learn that 50% of the questions will be on policy, theory, leadership, etc. rather than clinical concepts. On the Fitzgerald review CDs she says this change in the ANCC exam took place in 2010.

    So naturally I am looking for review materials that cover policy, theory, leadership, etc. Since the exam is 50% on that, I figure I should be studying these concepts 50% of the time. However none of the review books or programs that I have previewed emphasize this material so heavily. In most of them, including Fitzgerald, this stuff seems to be relegated to a couple of chapters at the end. The ANCC's own FNP exam prep book is copyright 2009 so even it doesn't reflect the new exam's emphasis.

    Does anyone know what is the best way to prepare for that 50% of questions on the new ANCC exam?

    I have read several complaints on this board about the new ANCC exam and wonder if anyone has heard if the pass rates have changed? At this point I am considering doing what another poster called the "Vegas approach" and taking both AANP and ANCC just to hedge my bets, since I may be lucky enough to have a job waiting for me on graduation and they will be expecting me to start ASAP.
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  3. by   linearthinker
    I didn't really review any of that sort of thing, I stuck with clinical content in my studying. I passed both. Honestly, I found them both pretty straightforward and more often than not, the correct answer was obvious because the others were so obviously wrong, lol.
  4. by   kritlyn
    I'm in the same boat. I have no idea how to study for the theory portion of the exam! I've looked at most of the available certification exam prep resources and have not found any substantial information.

    The most helpful info. I have found thus far is from the ANCC website - an outline of the test content. The problem is the outline just lists the general content that you may be tested on but does not list any resources one might use to access appropriate study materials.

    Any suggestions (on how to study the 50% theory content) from those out there who have passed the ANCC exam?
  5. by   ojala16
    i passed the ancc fnp last week. i used the fitzgerald, hollier and leik review books, as well as the fitzgerald lecture course recordings. i found the test to be very fair. to be honest, with a moderate amount of review many of the non-clinical questions are softballs. therefore, i would study for the test as if you were taking a clinical (ie aanp) exam, as the clinical content was more challenging. in terms of specific resources for ethical, legal and epidemiological content the fitzgerald website has a great review really take a good look at that. also a friend showed me this - ( where you can pay for batches of tests with similar style and content to the test. make sure you review your developmental psychologists! and good luck.
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  6. by   MC1906
    Congrats Ojala! Thanks for sharing the resources as well!
  7. by   kritlyn
    Congrats Ojala! I took the ANCC test last spring and passed, as well. Funny, though. I found the clinical questions to be easier than the theory. I used the same books that you mentioned and the Fitzgerald review course cd's. I did not know of the website you mentioned - the one with practice tests - maybe that would have helped me. I have practiced as an NP for three years... for many reasons, illness, etc. let my certification laspse so had to retest. I found the theory questions, for the majority, so academic. Not at all helpful information for a practicing NP. Just information to memorize for the test and forget afterwards so one can focus on the more practical and clinical information necessary for practice.
  8. by   smartfun03
    Dear Kritlyn,
    Where do you practice now? I have to re-test in 90 days for my FNP. I too let mine lapse.
    Also, do you know how many CEU's we need every 5 years?