How is it that some NP programs are so much longer and some are so much shorter? - page 2

For example, I'm interested in the PMHNP degree. How is it that Columbia offers a 7-semester, 60-70 credit program (longer than law school!) while Boston College and Vanderbilt are offering... Read More

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    I started at Midwestern too....lasted 2 weeks...terribly disorganized...just a mess....had to write a long letter before they approved me getting 100% of my money back...flipped back to my UMASS program and completed FNP.
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    College of Nursing - PCNP - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with Addictions Focus - Seattle University - this one is for bachelor's prepared nurses and actually requires 3 years and 74 credits!!
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    Good discussion guys, but I have an answer to top them all:


    Yeah, they need specific classes to qualify etc...
    Some schools want more money. I tend to notice the schools that aren't as concerned about the money to have less credit hours (although at Vandy's tuition those hours are still less than most).

    If your making a decision based on the hours, don't, just go with whats a good program. The license is all that matters, but I don't think I'd trade my schools degree to go to a cheaper school.
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    P.S. As a child of two professors that started graduate programs, some schools may be "not for profit," but don't let that be confused with don't want more money. Some schools, at the administrative level, are very much about money. Not just equaling expenditure, but profit.
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