How do you respond to a patient asking about an advertised drug. - page 2

What response do you give a patient who asks about a specific advertised drug? IF it is a treatment for a diagnosis of theirs? IF not appropriate? Was wondering.... Read More

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    So does that imply that you do not get back to them?

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    lol - no - I get back to my pts - usually the same day.
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    I have patients asking for adderall and other narc all the time. You provide teaching as to why that med is not indicated, insurance wont pay for it or whatever the reason is.
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    I'm with BlueDevil, if it's an appropriate treatment, I usually will let them give it a whirl. But if not, no go. Heck, I'll usually have samples.

    My issue is, once I explain the rationale for refusal, my patients will magically come up with a whole new symptom set that they've not mentioned since the clinic's inception, trying to qualify.

    I liken it to a little kid asking Daddy after Mama has said no.

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