How do I go about DEA and furnishing numbers?

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    I passed my board today (yayyyy! ) I have send my application to the state of California and will probably get my license in a week or two (I hope!).
    Now where to I start and go about obtaining my DEA and furnishing number? Do I apply for both of them at the same time? Can I apply for them while I'm waiting to get my license?
    I already have a job offer waiting for me.
    Thank you

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    You should apply for both NPF and DEA as soon as you can. You should be able to apply for both at the same time. They are two separate entities. Some places restrict your ability to practice without an NPF since you can't prescribe meds without it.
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    I think you do need an NP license prior to applying for those.
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    Quote from juan de la cruz
    I think you do need an NP license prior to applying for those.
    Thank you Juan,
    Yes, I found out that I need my NP license first to apply for FN and DEA. I am patiently waiting for my NP license now Thank you for your helpful comments.
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    Congrats on passing the certification and good luck on your new job. Would you be able to ask the employer to reimburse you for the DEA fee?

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