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Hospice RN going fnp

  1. 0 Hello all! I am a nurse in an ipu that has 52 hospice beds. I have worked there for three years with 6 months of home care experience. Since graduating with my bachelors I have only done hospice and plan to continue in that specialty after fnp school. Plan only, I know school will change many things for me.
    I am just worried that such a limited background will hurt me in while school or when i start my career. I am looking for anyone who has gone through something similar or has any advice.
    Switching jobs is not a good idea. I am prn there, make pretty decent money, can pick and choose my hours, also have a two year old and one on the way. Keeping that part of my life the same and manageable is a must since everything else is crazy! Its also 3 minutes from home!
    I have made it through three courses and done very well. I will have one class at a time (two twice) and take four years to complete my degree.