FNP program at TWU or PNP program at UTHSC

  1. 0 hi ~

    i'm completely torn btwn attending a pnp program at ut houston (uthsc) or a fnp program at twu!!!

    i have a couple years of adult rn exp & 5 yrs pedi exp.
    i peds and could see myself working in a clinic setting or hospital setting. i am also possibly interested in getting the acute care np post masters cert so i could work anywhere in the hospital -maybe icu.

    what if:
    i get tired of peds and want to do something else?
    both twu and uthsc are good schools -but which one is better (more organized, better education, ect)?
    wouldn't it be nice to be certified to treat all ages? but what if i am disappointed with the amount of peds education in the fnp program, since i do plan on working peds after program completion? do pediatric hospitals and pediatricians hire fnps?

    any info on the two above mentioned programs or fnp vs. pnp would be greatly appreciated!

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    TWU BSN program is good, i do not no much about there graduate school. I work in icu and PNP are the pple that write our ordered and they report to the attending, we do not have residents or doctors that we call about issues, we call the pnp directly.

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