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  1. Hey all,
    I am currently enrolled in grad school working toward my FNP. I am a little worried about FNP salary. School is expensive and being able to pay back my loans is kind of important. In my area in Oregon acute care RN wages are very good, (I make about 39/hr + 5.75 night shift differential with 3.5 years exp). I know that I don't want to stay working as a staff RN. I am hoping to make at least what I am currently as a new NP, maybe slightly less. I have spoken with a few NP's in my hospital who are still working as staff RN's because they make more here than as NP's. (However, they also have been RN's a long time) I know the average salaries for FNP's and I know it can be highly variable depending on where you live, but just to get some real life input, what was your first FNP salary/wage and how many hours did you work a week?
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Salary will very depending on your practice setting and location. You can look at the Advance salary survey results for your are and get an idea what NPs in your area make: a quick look shows Oregon average salary at $95k a year.

    Personally, I started at $105k in a mix primary/Inpatient position plus performance bonus. I worked 36-40 hour weeks my first year. NPs is most states and settings should be making at least $40/hr without working nights or weekends