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I am currently in the process of applying to graduate programs for Mental Health NP. My interests within this field lie in PTSD, rape, and eating disorders. I have been trying to find what the... Read More

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    My certification is in a specialty different than the job I am working in, is that okay?

    The Board does not grant you authority to practice in a specific specialty. The Board grants you authorization to practice in a specific domain of Advanced Practice Registered Nursing. Those domains include Nurse Practitioner (RN/NP), Nurse Midwife (RN/NM), Nurse Anesthetist (RN/NA), and Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (RN/PC). Your specialty certification is a measurement of your competency to provide services to a certain population. The decision to work with a population different than what you are certified in should be based on whether you are competent to provide services to a population different than your certification, whether you are willing to assume accountability for the outcomes, and whether you are in collaborative relationship with a supervising physician who holds the proper credentials to care for that population.

    This is from the frequently asked questions section on the MA BON site.. It gives the BON interpretation of the Nurse Practice Act. I like that it gives the APRN the decision about their competency but MA does require physician supervision. I have found physician supervision helpful but it can also be hard finding one.

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