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Okay so I failed the AANP- should I retake it or take the ANCC and how should I change my studying to take ANCC? I knew a lot of the material just got test anxiety and freaked out- any tips or ideas... Read More

  1. by   Mookiepsychnp
  2. by   nursecosita
    What study aid would you guys recommend for someone taking the ancc who has been out of school for yrsbut has been in practice..the Fitzgerald book does not prepare you for all the practice role and theory questions. Any suggestions?
  3. by   ale022
    There was Some research questions. I also read the buppert textbook which basically touches on Medicare requirements. You should be fine if u r in practice because billing stuff you should know.
  4. by   adultgeronp
    I have failed my adult/gero aanp boards today as well. mmk130, have you decided to retake the aanp? any updates? I don't know how to change my studying style. I have used Leik, APEA, Barkley, and Fitzgerald. I am not a good test taker, but I have never failed. The questions are so different from what I reviewed.

    How long did it take to get your results?
  5. by   graduateFNP
    I recently failed the AANP exam. I'm not sure whether to study and test for the ANCC or retest with AANP and go from there. I did APEA review, and book, Fitzgerald CDs, and book and really studied intensively for 4-6 weeks before testing. I really think some of the problem is figuring out what the question is asking. I feel I know the majority of the content but I find it difficult to figure out the correct answer. Any advice or words of encouragement on where to go from here>?
  6. by   toasterboy85
    I would encourage you to try the ANCC. Try not to let emotion get in your way. Study and test... That is all you can do.
    That was the phrase my physician told me prior to examination.
    I took APEA, Fitzgerald, and studied Leik. Look at the questions as a single piece of information. I continually want to add more into the questions than is provided. I think elderly may include COPD, anemia, depression, PVD, CHF, ect. You MUST not included these non-included criteria. Also know your basic nursing theory 101 vocabulary. AANP from my research is more clinical based while ANCC is more theory based.
    My wife and I tested thru ANCC last September and passed. I hope this helps.