Expiring of the adult np certification exam

  1. Happy New Year! I hope someone can help me answer a few questions, especially those who are either an NP already or a student. As many of you are aware, AANP and ANCC has expired the Adult NP exam as of December 2016. Unfortunately I failed the AANP exam and of course I am devastated because I failed by a few points. What I am hearing is that those of us who graduated from the ADULT NP now has to obtain a post-certification in ADULT-GERO. I've been researching schools and the cost is unbelievable as well as the amount of time it will take to obtain the certification (18-24 months). Would anyone know of alternatives? I personally cannot afford another $20,000 or more to obtain this certification. I'm still paying on my bachelor and master student loans and financial aid is NOT available for a post-certification. Are there any other accreditations besides the AANP or ANCC that we can sit for the exam? I feel this is so unfair and feel we should be grandfathered in if we completed our degree/courses before December 2016. This decision to change was not made until well into my Adult program. Anyone who has insight on any of this please let me know. Thank you.
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  3. by   matthewandrew
    Sorry to hear that. It was my understanding that you can recertify even if you fail. I guess I'm wrong. Worst case scenario is for you to move to California. National certification is not required to practice. But most clinic do ask for it so I'm not sure. My advice would be to call and ask.
  4. by   addym
    Thank you Matthew. I contacted the school attended, called the BON and AANP and no one seems to have the answer. I was directed today to write the Director at AANP to see if I have options. I should not have to take another year or so of classes and pay all that money. I am frustrated and hope to get an answer soon.

    Thanks again.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    California does not require national certification if you are a graduate of a BRN-approved NP program. If not, like if you are an out state program grad, you will need national certification. OP, there was a grace period for re-taking the expiring exams and I thought the end of 2016 was the deadline -- did you miss that window of opportunity?
  6. by   addym
    Thank you for your response. I took the exam in Dec 2016 and did not pass. I got a 493/500. I am being told is I will need to go back to school and obtain a post-certification. These programs are expensive and it will take another 18-24 months. I don't have the money for this. Are you saying that if someone graduates from a nurse practitioner program out of state and not in California, you will need to certified? Or could I just move to CA and obtain a position as a nurse practitioner? Thank you.
  7. by   matthewandrew
    You do not need national certification to practice in California (as long as you completed an NP program approved by the board.) You will run in to some problems though. Most employers will ask for national certification. Also, Medicare reimbursements require national certification for NPs.
  8. by   addym
    Yes that would a downfall, not being able to bill for reimbursement. If I have to I would take a job as a NP with just a decent salary. I have completed an ANP program approved by the board but now I have to research schools that can provide me a program that would meed the requirements for the Adult-Gero or FNP w/o having to take all those courses over again.