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Hi guys! I will be starting nursing school this fall, but I'm always thinking ahead :rolleyes: ! I have an interest in possibly pursuing the NP role someday. My question is this; when I'm done with nursing school I'll have my ADN... Read More

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    There's nothing wrong with having career goals and if being a provider is what you want, go for it. Try and go to the most reputable program you can. Only one research study has compared RN experience with NP competency and it found that RN experience didn't help.

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    Physicians go straight through but they have a lot more clinical hours during their training than we do. Historically the advanced practice role built on RN practice. It is a different role than staff nurse and you may have to explain the direct entry education at interviews.
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    I know a nurse who has a lot of RN experience, but got her education online at a degree mill. She is having a really hard time getting hired because employers don't think much of her program. I'm just saying that there are multiple ways to make yourself a more (or less) competitive applicant, and not having a lot of bedside experience won't necessary limit you, if you can prove yourself competitive in other aspects.
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    I am currently in a PNP program. I started after having 4 years of acute care peds experience and by the time i'm done i will have 7 1/2 yrs of experience. Looking ahead, i have looked up entry level PNP positions to see how the job market is. Some positions will take NP new grads but require 2-5 yrs of pediatric RN experience in a particular area, critical care, endocrine, GI, etc. I am not discouraging anyone....i think its great you know exactly what you want to do out of nursing school. I didn't know what out of my nursing career and that's why waited 4 years. Like someone else mentioned, if u start right away by the time your done you will have about 2 yrs of experience under your belt, if u work during grad school.

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