Do you need your BSN before you become an NP? Do you need your BSN before you become an NP? - pg.2 | allnurses

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Do you need your BSN before you become an NP? - page 2

Hi guys! I will be starting nursing school this fall, but I'm always thinking ahead :rolleyes: ! I have an interest in possibly pursuing the NP role someday. My question is this; when I'm done with... Read More

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    I am currently in a PNP program. I started after having 4 years of acute care peds experience and by the time i'm done i will have 7 1/2 yrs of experience. Looking ahead, i have looked up entry level PNP positions to see how the job market is. Some positions will take NP new grads but require 2-5 yrs of pediatric RN experience in a particular area, critical care, endocrine, GI, etc. I am not discouraging anyone....i think its great you know exactly what you want to do out of nursing school. I didn't know what out of my nursing career and that's why waited 4 years. Like someone else mentioned, if u start right away by the time your done you will have about 2 yrs of experience under your belt, if u work during grad school.