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  1. 0 I have a non-nursing degree amd I am applying to Direct Entry MSN programs. Some schools do not offer a BSN after completion of the firts year, but students are alligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN. Can i work as an RN while attendimg grad school par-time without having a BSN?
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    absolutely. My program is the type of program you're describing. Depending on your area, it can be hard to get hired in hospital settings without a BSN, but you can absolutely work as a RN with just the licensure and not the BSN. I think only one state (Nevada?) wants BSN nurses only. Unfortunately, in my area, it's pretty much impossible to find a RN job (I'm in the bay area), with or without a BSN. I'm bummed, because I doubt I'll be able to work much at all as a RN before I get my MSN and NP license. Ah well.
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    You can, but it would probably easier to do a program that gives you a BSN and an MSN. Northeastern, Duke, NYU, Columbia, and UPenn are amongst the schools that do give you a BSN first.
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    Probably not. In my area nurse managers are very wary of direct entry MSN grads. A number of them accepted jobs and expensive training only to leave after a year, just when they were becoming an asset to the unit. They knew in advance they would be leaving since their program required it. This has left a bad tast in the mouth of many managers. In addition many health systems require a degree in nursing from an accredited nursing school. If I understand you correctly you would not have a degree.