Didn't get accepted- what to do next?

  1. Hi all,
    I just found out I didn't get accepted into the Acute Care NP program of my choice (at the university hospital where I work on a cards step-down unit). I am really bummed. I'm also trying to figure out what my next step should be. I'm fairly sure that I have decent grades and education but am lacking in experience (no ICU or ED). So I'm considering transferring within the next year to one of those units or applying to the Adult NP program next year at the same school. There are pluses to both those options. I love my unit- I have great coworkers and a great schedule. However, I have always wanted to work in an ICU or ED, and would prefer to become an ACNP to being an ANP. The other option is to look into online programs. I feel like I need to do something soon, since I am in my early thirties (started my nursing career a little late).
    Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me? Should I transfer and try to gain experience before reapplying, or would it be wise to look at other programs? Ultimately, I would like to work inpatient or in an acute clinic. I am also nervous about doing school later while starting a family. Let me know what you think!
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  3. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Go for it, Widen your search for programs, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


    I wanted the FNP Program of Study, but it filled up so quickly I went the ACNP route, and later ENP. The school here had seats in PsychMH NP, AC NP, E NP, but F NP was the only one that filled up on the rolling acceptance system before the close date.

    They said last year, they began with empty seats in every category but ACNP, actually dropped PsychMH because not enough signed up for the program!
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    There are nurses in our university hospital's ICU who didn't get in our university's ACNP program. It depends on the school you're applying at. Some ACNP programs are more competitive than others. If you really want ACNP, it would be wise to have a good nursing background in ICU not only to make your program application glowing but also to increase your chances of getting a job after you graduate.
  5. by   mrvlegov
    Bostonterrierlover where are/were you doing your ENP? I applied for Vanderbilt's and didn't get in. Not sure where to go from here I have no problem applying for multiple schools except for the letters of recommendation. I can't keep asking my boss and physicians and other NPs I know to write me multiple letters because I can't seem to get accepted anywhere!
  6. by   BCgradnurse

    If ACNP is what you really want, then try to transfer to ER or ICU and get some experience, and re-apply in a year. And don't worry about your age....I went back to school at age 45 for my FNP!!

    Best of luck to you!
  7. by   LetsChill
    OP, what are your stats like? Its always fun to compare with fellow applicants. Did you have to take the GRE?

    GRE - 151/153 (V/Q) and a 4.0 AW

    GPA 3.49

    1 year CVICU, 1.5 years cardiac stepdown

    I want to go to an ACNP program that has a subspecialty in cardiology. Any suggestions?