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My question is to all the NP's and those with MSN's, did any of you achieve a degree through an online program? If so how was it? Did you find it difficult or easier than traditional class work?... Read More

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    Quote from hoosier guy
    To those who think online schools are destroying credibility: Could you please explain the difference between listening to a lecture 20 + feet away in an uncomfortable stadium style chair and listening / watching a lecture from the comfort of your own home where you can pause and rewind and review again, the entire lecture. Answers to any questions are only an email (or in some cases a phone call) away. The clinical are in-person either way. The Physician / PA attack on online MSN programs is just a mixture of hate / fear / turf protection.
    Not really for those reasons. Trust me, no physician is "fearful" of midlevel incursion. We still know we have the highest level of training in our fields, by far.

    It's mostly the bad associations with online degrees. When someone says they got a degree online, for me personally, I immediately think of all those UofP and Devry commercials on TV -- and these programs in general do have a bad rep of taking in anybody with a pulse (as long as they can pay tuition). So, there's that strong negative connotation there. Additionally, my own opinion is that it's harder to communicate/problem-solve with colleagues and teachers via online communication vs. real-life interactions. I can speak out a question much more clearly and quickly than type it out, wait for a response, then respond back to them with follow-up questions, etc. Combine that negative stereotype involving for-profit schools, along with lack of convincing evidence showing that online education is at least equivalent to classroom learning, you can see why some people are hesitant of online degrees. Online programs are their own worst enemies. They're popping up left-and-right at a ridiculous rate, which further pushes the stereotype that they're just out for making money rather than ensuring quality.