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I find it odd that in many posts include RNs heading to NP school if they can't get into a CRNA school. I am a prospective NP student who currently works in the OR. I have spent time with NPs (some even in the OR) and already... Read More

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    What you say is true however I am speaking to averages. It seems that the average for CRNA's with a few years of experience is within the 120 to 150K range. On the over hand it would seem that the average for an NP with a few years of experience is in the 65K to 85K range. Do you disagree substancially with this accessment?

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    I may not have any business posting this but I would like to just ask a question. From my research into what kind of nurse I ultimately want to be I have found that CRNA's have more independence and are not required to be supervised by an MDA. However NP's are supervised by MD's. Could this be the main reason for the pay difference. It seems to me that if I were a hospital hiring, that it would make more sence to hire 2 CRNA's over 1 MDA. And the job expectations are equal. Does that make sence.......its
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    Actually in most areas CRNA's are in a sense supervised by MDA's. At least right now it seems that only in rural areas where MDA's would not go are there CRNA's on their own. It may be like that in bigger cities some as well but I just mainly see it in the rural areas

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