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Hello All! I am an aspiring Psych NP currently taking my prerequisite classes. I have been reading and searching through this board for many months now (and will continue to) in order to try and... Read More

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    Hey Smoothjams, good luck! I was admitted to Columbia but I will be starting at UCSF this summer for the MEPN program and will be doing family psych NP. Actually, Penn's program is direct entry. They have an accelerated BSN/MSN program, you are admitted for the BSN and your MSN specialty. I was admitted there as well and almost attended. Don't count them out, their program is really, really amazing.

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    I'm another "chose not to do PhD Psych" student. . .I'm going the traditional route and just finishing my RN pt (and working as a master's level therapist) before applying to an NP program. Already having one MA, I'm really afraid of maxing out on student loans.
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    Hello! I am a family PMHNP and love it. I used to get on here when I was an RN and would look for psych NP posts, but you're right, there's not a lot of us on here I don't think. I would recommend working as a psych RN first before choosing this path. It's not for everyone. Plus I think it helped grad school go so much smoother because I had a lot of clinical experience already. If you like working with this population though (which I do) then it's great. I can say I really do love my job. I work in a rural setting in Idaho so the salary isn't quite six figures, but cost of living is low here and I qualified for 100% loan repayment. Hope this helps. For anyone thinking about this route-don't be discouraged! Just get some experience first. Oh, and there are TONS of jobs. I had four different job offers before I left school and that's out here in Idaho!
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    Hey Baggins, thanks for the post! I am taking out significant (scary) debt for my MSN, so I'm glad to hear you were able to get loan repayment. I hope this holds true 2-3 years from now. Do you like your job? How autonomous would you say your work is?
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    ok.. I will try not to be a part of conspiracy designed to reduce market saturation for Psych NPs. LOL!! I am just telling you about how I feel.

    I am graduating from a psych NP program in a few days. As I posted earlier, I live in a Southeastern state.

    I speculate that the job opportunities are not equal around the countries.
    But the truth of the matter is there are lots more jobs nationally or at least locally for family nurse practitioners.
    PMHNP is kind of a new kid on the block here in this state. The employers and patients still don't know about it and psychiatrists
    are utilized more for inpatient settings here. Sadly, some psychiatrists don't even know what PMHNP can do.

    Yes, as of "now", I believe that we still can find a job if we are flexible about moving around the state. But here is my opinion on the job market. It's "not" because there are "more job openings or greater mobility" for PMHNP. In fact, there are significantly "less" job openings for PMHNP here than many other NP specialties. It's just because in the past recent years there are not many graduates in this state. They plan to increase the enrollment and more people apply so I expect that the supply could meet the demand soon "if" new job opportunities are not created here. I am planning to go back for post-master in FNP or etc soon for better job mobility and expanding my horizon.

    I will keep you guys posted when I actually enter the job market.
    Most of my classmates already settled for jobs starting at low $80,000. A job at a state organization starts at mid $70,000.
    I know it's not bad but that's far 6 figures. RN can still make that much.
    The salary may be higher somewhere else but the fact is that it's not like that everywhere around the country.

    I will keep you guys posted about the job market as I am now entering into it.
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    Quote from Baggins1215
    I qualified for 100% loan repayment.
    How long after working before you get that repayment back?
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    Quote from Baggins1215
    Hello! Oh, and there are TONS of jobs. I had four different job offers before I left school and that's out here in Idaho
    How many years ago? Nope, not "tons" at least here locally. Just graduated. Not that many offers locally for me. Maybe market is a little worse coz more people graduating nationwide in recent years. Anyway, I live in a "backward" state for NPs and this probably would not apply to other states, I guess. I would be fine if I am willing to "move" around. job searching now. :-)
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    Just got a another job offer this morning. Telemed position.

    "Must be licensed in either Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, or South Dakota, but can live anywhere."
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    Interesting... does anyone know how difficult/easy it is to get licensed in another state? Does it depend on the state? I'm going to school in CA and will likely be licensed to practice there, but I'm ultimately interested in practicing in OR or WA, and I'm wondering how the license transfers.
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    If it's a compact state your basic RN license transfer without any problem, i.e., I have TX RN license and working in NM with NM CNP license. In any case you fill out the BON paperwork, get fingerprints, strip searched, and cough up money.

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