clinical career worth it?

  1. Hi all, I have read this and the PA forum for a long time now, and am in the process of interviewing for PA school now. I like you guys better so i am asking this here I have always wanted to see patients, but after a couple years as a pharmacy tech, I am in a position thanks to a friend to take a job with a great clinical research/pharmaceutical company with a couple possible tracks (clinical data manager/CRA- in training). There is a lot of room to advance. Assuming I get into PA school, what would be the best course of action? Part of me is ready to get a start on a career, and I know i would enjoy a job with the research side of things, and another part thinks I would want to practice medicine. A realization I just had is that life may just be better for me and my family doing a more 9-5 type job with the research company, and maybe I would be less stressed. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I had always worked in health care, but not in direct patient care roles. I did the whole advance up the management ladder thing and found I really wasn't happy. I ended up going back to school to be a NP and have never been happier. If you truly want to do hands on patient care, go to PA school. You can have a good schedule as a PA or a NP. I work outpatient and have regular hours with no nights, weekends, or holidays. You need to go with what feels right and speaks to you.

    Best of luck with your decision.
  4. by   zoidberg
    thanks, yeah i am accepted already to an RN program for next year, so if PA school doesnt pan out, I can do that, then later go into pretty much anything as a nurse, NP, mgmt, IT or research. I just dont want to have that little voice in my head for the rest of my life if I dont do the PA/NP thing