CA NP certification and furnishing number questions

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    Hey all:

    I am a soon-to-be new grad NP in CA.

    Anybody know the current turnaround times for NP certification and furnishing numbers once these applications have been submitted to the BRN?

    Also, should one apply for these simultaneously (in addition to the DEA number) to speed up the process?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Took 5 weeks for the BRN to catch up with cert.; Furnishing took 4 weeks with hours and Dr. sign off; the new program has taken less than a week for some folk. DEA takes three to four days. Your results my differ...
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    Thanks so much for the information!

    Do you need to have an NP number in order to apply for the furnishing number? I see that it asks for it on the furnishing number application, but was hoping to submit both applications simultaneously.
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    CA Board is very slow. It took two months for me to get my NP/RN license. I applied my furnishing license on Feb 1st and I am still waiting. I applied DEA back in January but they emailed back informing me furnishing license is required. CA state NP license and NPI number is not enough for CA board of nursing. I was told in the beginning processing time for furnishing license varies 2-4 weeks but its been 6 weeks already for me. I am hoping to get by end of this week. The supervising docs keep asking me as they have to sign everything I order.
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    Forgive my formatting, the iPad doesn't play well with AN ...

    1. Apply for NP license (4 weeks). <-- at this point you can practice if someone co-signs your scripts
    2. Then furnishing (3-4 weeks). <-- can Rx everything but controlled substances by yourself
    3. Then DEA (1 week). <-- sky is the limit

    those are approximate timelines. If you have submitted anything, CALL the BON once it's two weeks past the submission date. Obviously this requires the patience of a zen master, but if you can speak to anyone in the advanced practice department they can often expedite your application.
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    Thank you all so much for your helpful responses!

    So, what happens if you are offered a job before your NP license is issued by the BRN?

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