Anybody have elective rotations in their programs? Anybody have elective rotations in their programs? | allnurses

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Anybody have elective rotations in their programs?

  1. 0 I want to become an FNP and work in dermatology. I want to know if there are any schools that have elective rotations or capstones that you can choose.
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    I'm at UAB and we have general requirements we have to fulfill for our clinical hours, but there is a ton of flexibility to focus on the areas that you're interested in. It is one benefit of having to find your own clinical preceptors, you get to structure your learning to fit your interests.
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    I also want to go into derm after graduation. My school (Richard Stockton) is focused mainly on primary care but we are allowed to do a few weeks in our area of interest in our last semester. It's a hybrid program so you'd need to be able to go to class in NJ.