Any PNP's willing to precept (pretty please)?

  1. Hello,

    I am currently in the PNP program at University of South Alabama. I am currently in need of a primary care preceptor for the Fall 2012 semester (begins end of August). The only commitment necessary is that you be willing to precept me and fill out a short 2 page form and in return I promise to shower you and your office with lots of treats and be a great student :-) I live about 30 minutes (West) outside of Atlanta but I am willing to travel to mostly anywhere within the metro Atlanta area.

    A little about me... I completed my undergrad at Emory University. My background is in level III NICU.

    If you or anyone that you know may be interested in precepting me please PM me or just respond to this thread. Thanks!

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  3. by   EverGraceRN

    I'm sorry but I'm not a PNP and can't be of any help... I hope you found what you were looking for!
    BUT maybe you would answer a few questions for me?

    I'm looking into the PNP program at USA and also have only Level III NICU experience. Obviously you were accpeted (that's great!), but was your lack of "peds" experience ever an issue? Mind sharing your undergrad stats? Any additional insight would be much appreciated!!


    Yours very truly,