Any acute care PNP's?

  1. Hello! I've been searching around and have not found any recent topics on this. I'm currently an RN at a children's hospital on a medical unit that's skill level is comparable to a step-down unit. I've known I wanted to go back to school but I've just been searching for the right path for me.

    I was wondering if there are any acute care PNP's out there who can give me some guidance about what unit you work on, day to day responsibilities, if you're comfortable, and how it was in the beginning. My biggest hesitation is that I felt as an RN I learned majority of what I know on the job (As opposed to textbooks/in school). I'm nervous that that will be the same for NP and i'll be in way over my head with the responsibilities of a NP in the beginning before I really know what i'm doing. I think I'm just rambling now and not quite making sense but any advice would really help!

    Also as a side note, I've always loved the ED environment. My hospital (all peds) strongly discouraged working in our ED until at least 18 moths experience so I'm still thinking about trying to transfer this year. Do you think that would be more beneficial to me as opposed to my medical unit? Thank you!
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  3. by   WKShadowRN
    In my experience the ED exposed me to much more knowledge and skills acquisition than I would have had in anything else I've done. In 20 yrs in the medical field both inpatient and outpatient and home health or hospice most as a nurse and a couple as a tech, that's a lot.

    The ED is a fertile ground to expand your knowledge, challenge your critical thinking, and encourage your creativity. If that doesn't prime your brain for advanced practice as a very basic foundation from which to build, then I don't know what would.