ANP, FNP-C, CNS-C, ABC123 What the heck do all those letters mean??? - page 2

ok yeah its a stupid question and i know y'all are probably thinking "jeez this chick has no business in here!" but seriously, i'm so confused with all the different titles. i'm working on my... Read More

  1. by   sailornurse
    Yes, it's pretty confusing even to us. I was taught that you list your highest degree, then your title. (Mary Smith BSN, RN not RN, BSN which is very commonly done or MSN, C-FNP but you drop the BSN, RN at this point as you have to be an RN to become a NP;or EdD, MA, RN- this is for a doctorate or masters in a field other then nursing) etc But I have seen people list everything in no particular order. As Far as FNP that is certified it may depends, I have seen CFNP & FNP-c. For clinical nurse specialists I have seen both CNS & CS, The the ANCC came out with APRN-BC (advance practice registered nurse-board certified to lump everyone (midwives, nurse anesthetists, nurse practictioners, clinical specialists) in one giant box.