ANCC Rules - NP precepting MDs

  1. Hi all,

    I am an adult PMHNP and I regularly precept MD geriatric fellows doing psychiatry rounds for a major company. I had planned to use a lot of these hours to fulfill one of the ANCC categories until I noticed that it specifies that NPs must only supervise NP/CNS students to fulfill this requirement. At first I assumed that was to prevent NPs from supervising, say, RNs or something to try to get credits. The ANCC said that was correct and that supervising MD/DOs in psychiatry doesn't count.

    The question you may be asking yourself is why MDs doing a fellowship wouldn't just use a MD psychiatrist. One reason is probably because it's difficult to get the psychiatrists to do it, and also that there seems to be shortage in my area. Regardless, we're at the very least at the same level. I don't see how that shouldn't count. Has anyone had this experience before and managed to get special permission or filed a petition to change that, etc?

    I remember it being almost impossible to find a NP preceptor when I was a student and often had to use MD/DOs. Now I just want to do the opposite. I'd be happy to precept NP students if I knew of any, but in the interim, I'd think that supervising the same (or higher, depending on who you ask) level should count.
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  3. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    I think the rationale is the encourage members to give something back to the nursing community in particular, and not to merely demonstrate competency and up-to-date knowledge. That is why they are particular about whom you are precepting. Notice that they leave out PA students as well. Good luck with the appeal.

    Actually, I am more surprised that the fellows program allows it. Don't get me wrong, I m pleased to hear it, but surprised nonetheless.
  4. by   juan de la cruz
    Agree with BlueDevil, DNP on ANCC's rationale as well as the fact that you are precepting the fellows. I'm not against your current practice either but as someone who works in an academic medical center setting, rules tend to be pretty strict about NP's precepting medical students and physicians-in-training (both residents and fellows) unless the NP is also a faculty member in the medical school (which is rare). Not that we don't offer educational opportunities to medical students and resident but signing off on their progress notes and procedure notes is a no-no. We do have ACNP students on regular rotation here so we have enough precepting activities.