Is ANCC easier than AANP?

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    I recently took the AANP and failed (ANP). I made it about 2/3 of the way through the test and did not pace myself and had to start willy nilly marking answers because I was running out of time. Still, I was not prepared and it is my fault, I know. I took the APEA course but admittedly did not put into it what I should have. I did recognize some of the questions but the cardiovascular questions really messed with my head because I was not familiar with heart sounds.

    With student loans nipping at my heels and other financial issues from not working for two years I understand it's time to get serious and I'm ready. I have Millonig's Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question book which I am going through, and I'm going to focus on the APEA course this time, but I would like to know if anyone has taken both. I am wondering if one is easier than the other? I don't know whether or not to take the AANP again or focus on the ANCC. Everyone I know who has taken the ANCC has passed, though I'm sure neither exam is a piece of cake.

    Anyway, I appreciate any information, suggestions or study tips. It was really a low blow to see "did not pass" show up on the screen, though I can't understand why I expected any different, as poorly prepared as I was.

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    I recently took the AANP FNP exam and thought it was fairly easy. I did the Hollier Review course which really helped with using the information to rule out bogus or incorrect answers. The study guide and their study questions helped me immensely. I also listened to the Fitzgerald CD's which was a great help. I don't think any test is easier than the other and prepartion will probably help you do better next time. Good luck with whichever test you decide to take.
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    I took the AANP. I went to the Fitzgerald 3 day review course, used the review book they gave, and did a boat load of practice questions from - Your #1 source for passing the AANP Family Nurse Practitioner since it was computerized. when using this website, I skipped the reimbursemenet/theory/business type questions and just focused on the clinical ones. These were the three things that I primarily used and thought was very helpful for the test. The website shoots so many practice questions at you, it'll make your head spin.. I also had the Hollier review book and the Fitzgerald practice exam book, but I honestly didn't use those two much... so I can't really give an opinion. Know your drugs and antibiotics/classes. Can't speak for the ANCC, but I felt the AANP was a fair exam. I chose not to take the ANCC because of rumors I've heard about the type of questions it contained vs. the ones the AANP provided... I heard the ANCC incorporated questions relating to theory, culture, etc. and the AANP was more clinically based. When I took the AANP, all the questions were clinical. I personally hate the theory, culture, reimbursement, type questions... Best of luck to you and don't give up! You may find yourself sacrificing a lot of time and money to prepare for this, but what is that amount vs. a whole lifetime. It'll be worth it
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    I am ready to take the ANCC exam in 5 days. I graduated in December from my FNP program, but have been studying for the exam since early Nov. I purchased Fitzgerald's CD's and review book, Leik review, and Hollier review questions, plus I've done various online practice tests. I am ready...I think. I feel that by purchasing these three references I have discovered my weak areas and my strengths. This enabled me to focus on what I need for the exam. Wish me luck...I'm a bit nervous, but I'm ready to take the plunge
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    Good Luck on your exam. It sounds as if you have prepared adequately. You should do well. Good Luck again.
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    I hope you do well. God Bless.
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    I passed the ANCC exam today ((breathe))......I actually 'Tebowed' in the testing center as they handed me my notice:bowingpur Thanks to all for the kind words!!
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    Yay for you! I will sign up for the ANCC as soon as I can get up a few hundred dollars.
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    Congrats to all of you that passed.. Good job! 👍
    I took the adult nurse practitioner ANCC exam last week and fail. I prepared with the Fitg CDs and review book and Winland- Brown. I also have the Leik book i honnestly didnt use much.
    Any suggestions, advices are welcome. I order the Hollier book and will get it today. Do i retake ANCC or take AANP??

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